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Tru Design Inc is the company that builds the Mr.Twister sprinkler removal tool but there is a back story to the pieces of the puzzle that became the inspiration to build such a tool. Tru Design Inc was created from Tru Landscape Design which was a Landscape and irrigation company that focused on building quality irrigation systems for the Landscape industry. Our company had achieved Certification from the Irrigation association as a Irrigation designer and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. We also worked with companies such as Rainbird in the creation of a process to retro fit turf with subsurface drip irrigation.

William Trudeau the founder of Tru Landscape Design had a background in the Landscape industry back into his years in High School working for Professional Landscape a company in LaVerne California. William had another passion beyond Landscaping a passion for serving others. After High school William choose a path towards the fire service. William also served in the California Army National Guard starting boot camp in his senior year of High school as away to prepare for college and serve his country. William became a Firefighter and Paramedic in 1992. After several years had passed William found himself helping those at work with various Landscape projects. This later evolved into the part time business Tru Landscape Design.

It was during a request for service call at a apartment complex that was retro fitting all the existing sprinklers to new pressure regulated sprinklers. I was overwhelmed at the thought of digging up all the sprinklers for replacement by hand with a shovel. I search the internet for any kind of tools that could replace sprinklers without digging up each sprinkler. I found two products that I ordered and gave several practice runs in order to try and reduce my projected labor cost. The end result was that both the products I tried had some benefits but ultimately I needed a product that would prevent dirt from getting into the sprinkler pipe and was fast in removing the sprinklers and yet inexpensive so I could outfit multiple crews with this easy to use tool.

Now the 20 plus years in the fire service as both a fireman and paramedic had served me well. This type of work creates people with a on the spot innovation to all kinds of situations to save lives. My problem at the apartment complex was just another day with a new challenge . The Mr. Twister tool was created with the idea of a common tool used for airway management that as a Paramedic I had used throughout my career. The tool is a endotracheal tube that is placed in the trachea. The tube is flexible but needs a hard stylet that runs down the center of the airway tube. This stylet helps in placement of the ET tube but is removed after the endotracheal tube is in the trachea. This is the general design concept of the Mr. Twister, the 1/2” metal rod is placed down through the sprinkler body and into the pvc pipe. The Mr. Twister plastic tool slides over the rod. The rod like the stylet helps guide the new sprinkler body back in place to connect to the piping system and also prevents dirt from getting into the piping system. Not exactly the same but it got my mind thinking.

Tru Landscape Design as a company name was changed to Tru Design Inc. as we no longer had time for contracting. Tru Design Inc now reflect our new focus of building a quality made in America tool at a reasonable price. The tool also address the need for capping off unwanted sprinklers as found in conversions from spray to drip irrigation. The tool on the bottom end has a female hex. This hex fits our Mr. Twister caps. The tool then acts as a socket to cap of a head without digging down to get channel locks on a standard pvc cap. The female hex can also be used to connect a standard drip fitting barb that has 1/2” drip tubing attached. This set up allows the ease of replacing a standard pop up sprinkler to drip irrigation, which is a common use in drip conversions. My time working on drip conversions in the past had a place in this tool as well.

Lastly we have a prototype of our rotor sleeve we hope to launch this tool soon. This sleeve will attach to the existing Mr. Twister and allow the proper fit to remove either 1/2” or 3/4” rotors depending on the sleeve. This added concept has been requested and as promised we will still maintain a cost effective system in solving this problem.

In 2015 we joined forces with Underhill international a company that specializes in unique tools for the landscape industry Underhill has a national presence in the professional landscape stores. We plan on returning in 2019 to the market place selling directly to customers through the online markets this combined effect should maximize the products exposure.

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