Who can become a partner? What are the benefits?

  1. Companies that sell in the landscape industry that want to offer a little more to their customers co bundle our product with yours.
  2. Service contractors that are connected to the gardening, water conservation and landscaping industry that are trying to benefit their customers with a time saving tool that shows you care.
  3. Organizations that are interested in fund raising in their communities with a great and unique tool that saves time and water. We also give a 10% discount at check out so we are part of the giving back process.

Become a partner of Mr. Twister and order your own tools individually packaged in a padded envelope ready for you to resale or bundle with your own products. Get the combined power of selling your sprinkler kit or gardening service with a great and easy to use tool. Show your customers that you value their time with a Mr. Twister sprinkler removal tool. Follow the quick and easy steps to get started.

Simple and easy step to becoming our partner:

  1. Input your companies name address and contact info. Along with a company description and link to your website. We will display on our website your information provided for all that visit our site to help promote your company.
  2. Apply the partners check out code and we ship a master case with 12 individually shipping padded envelopes ready to add your label and company info. Remember if your a fundraising organization check the fundraising box and get a 60 day discount code to get 10% off at check out.
  3. Bulk pricing $7.00 a tool ( total $84.00 for 12 tools) plus shipping and handling fee.
  4. We ship by USPS ground with a $3.50 handling fee per order.

Partners List

Company Name Address
Description Phone Email Contact
Valvette Systems Woodland Hills Ca Water and labor saving products for the home and garden. Inventor of the “little valve”. 866-200-8590 littlevalve@valvettesystems.com Ted