Need a great fundraiser! Make $10.00 per tool!

Contact us for your next fundraiser. Here is how it works.

  1. We set you up with your own fundraising coupon code.
  2. The code runs on either Amazon or our website for a pre determined run time. We encourage customer reviews of our product.
  3. You market your fund raising event through social media and such. We can provide for your marketing campaign a product information page with a video link to our tool.
  4. Every tool that sells under your fundraising coupon code is tracked.
  5. For every tool sold during this promotional time period your fundraiser gets $10.00 per tool sold. We don’t mark up our product on your supporters either. We are able to give a larger percentage to your event by eliminating our shipping cost.
  6. We provide a bulk drop off our product as it sells to the event coordinator with a simple label of your supporters names and address. This allows your event to get the money instead of a shipping company.
  7. We sit down with the event coordinator and run a report under your events code and that total number of units sold is multiplied by $10.00.
  8. We write your organization a check for that amount.

Here is our pricing for 2019:

  • Web site: $16.99. (Please use Coupon Code 9HSHTD6X at checkout)

Note: for very large expected runs we can mold your charity/organization info directly on the tool. Contact us for details.


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